50 Tablets Were Given to Students in Tirrases, Costa Rica

Publish 15 April, 2021

Thursday April 8 was a very special day, as the Rotary Club of San Pedro Curridabat, in collaboration with the Barcelona-Diagonal Rotary Club, made the official contribution of 50 tablets that were donated to students in Tirrases. The tablets were bought in large part thanks to the funds collected from the Fast Cloud – Rotary Golf Tournament 2021.

The golf tournament was held on January 23, 2021, with the mission of supporting the tablet purchase project of The Rotary Club San Pedro Curridabat. Due to the pandemic, a large number of low-income students were forced to put their studies on hold in 2020 due to lack of access to the technology needed to attend classes virtually.

Fast Cloud Consulting firmly believes in the importance of corporate social responsibility, and partnered with The Rotary Club of San Pedro Curridabat to help give these children the opportunity to pursue a path of life with better possibilities.

The 50 tablets were delivered to the best students from four educational centers located in Tirrases: 15 de Agosto School, Uladislao Gámez Solano Professional Technical College, Marco Tulio Salazar Night School and La Cometa Human Development Center. 

On the day of the delivery, the most outstanding students were present, following the appropriate prevention protocols and measures. They received speeches with very motivating words that will surely accompany them for many years to come.

It fills us with joy and satisfaction to have contributed to this cause and again we want to thank the Rotary Club, the sponsors and participants of the golf tournament, and the Fast Cloud team for making this possible.

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