Fast Cloud’s CEO participated as a moderator at the 2021 IFA Annual Convention

Publish 2 March, 2021

IFA’s 2021 Annual Convention ran from February 16-18 & February 23-25.  For the very first time in its history, the convention was presented in a virtual format.  This allowed for a more global audience to participate and benefit from the value of it. IFA’s Annual Convention is franchising’s biggest event for business development and personal growth.   This year, […]

The Fast Cloud – Rotary Golf Tournament contributes to the purchase of 80 computers for students of “Escuela 15 de Agosto” in Tirrases, Costa Rica

Publish 18 February, 2021

On January 23rd 2021, the San Pedro-Curridabat Rotary Club teamed up with Fast Cloud Consulting (an official Salesforce partner) to organize the Fast Cloud-Rotary Golf Tournament 2021. This tournament was held with the mission of supporting a computer equipment purchase project for “Escuela 15 de Agosto” in Tirrases, Costa Rica. Due to the pandemic, a […]

How Chatbots Are Changing Customer Experiences

Publish 14 October, 2019

Businesses use chatbots to boost productivity and efficiency in a range of ways. They help workers set meetings and reminders, and ask simple questions without stopping what they’re doing, to name just a few use cases. Gartner predicts that by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with chatbots than with their spouse. Driven […]

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

Publish 7 June, 2019

Technology is deeply transforming our lives. With the aggregated effect of artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and other emerging disruptive inventions, we are on the verge of a technological revolution that will alter the way we live and work on a fundamentally different scale. What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? It is a way of describing […]