Einstein + Tableau understanding data faster and easier

Publish 13 October, 2022

Tableau is a tool that helps companies to see and understand data by making quick and easy-to-understand analyses. The software has spreadsheets, cloud services, databases, and Hadoop, It allows you to explore, analyze and conceptualize any type of data, with this powerful system you can make intelligent Dashboards, predictive analysis, and a wide variety of parameterizations; precious advantages within the business environment for decision making, and best of all, it is very easy to use.

Orlando Castaño Salazar Fast Cloud business intelligence consultant and expert in the use of tools such as tableau (Prep, Desktop, and Server) for Data Governance, showed us live the benefits of the device in the webinar “Einstein + Tableau transforma tu manera de ver los datos” as well as its main benefits and uses last Thursday, October 6, in the virtual demonstration topics such as:

  • Concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Introduction to Einstein’s Discovery.
  • Einstein implementation in Tableau.
  • How to Create a Retail-Focused Model in Salesforce Analytics
  • How to generate a dashboard for the explanation and application of Einstein in Tableau.
  • Additional Einstein integration methods in visualizations and data preparation with predictions in Tableau.

We thank all the attendees for giving us a space in their busy schedules, and for those who could not attend, you can find the seminar on our YouTube channel along with the other webinars we have carried out to make information available and democratize access and use of the tool for the benefit of companies.

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