Fast Cloud Consulting and Announce New Partnership

Publish 1 June, 2021

MIAMI,FL,  June 10, 2021 —, a customizable work operating system (Work OS), and Fast Cloud Consulting, a specialized consulting firm for enterprise digital transformation and CRM implementation, have announced a partnership to expand the magic of uniting teams working remotely in the best way possible. Fast Cloud is one of the first 100 partners of worldwide, and one of the first 25 partners in Latin America. Through this partnership, aims to equip companies with the resources to be more competitive and help distributed workforces achieve targeted goals. is a customizable Work Operating System (Work OS) where teams and organizations of all sizes and industries can create workflow apps to plan, run, and track their processes, projects, and operations.’s Work OS creates endless possibilities for organizations to break down and rebuild any work process so it fits a specific need — leading to enhanced efficiency through task automation, and more time to focus on important, creative work. 

Today, remote work has become the new reality for companies everywhere. The platform effectively facilitates this transition by providing the necessary tools to collaborate, monitor output, and get a bird’s eye-view of projects and processes all while adapting to the unique needs of every company. 

Fast Cloud Consulting recognizes the challenges businesses are facing due to the global pandemic,” said Rogelio Martinez, CEO, Fast Cloud Consulting. “We require an efficient remote work environment that is both productive and of high quality. Fast Cloud shares’s beliefs in that it truly is possible to take teams to the next level of speed and efficiency while working remotely, and is inspired by the concept of its Work OS ecosystem that it pioneered.” 

“Our partnership with Fast Cloud Consulting is an important step in’s growth in the Latin America market,” said Gustavo Noguera, Channel Partnerships, “Through this partnership, we aim to better align with our customers’ needs and provide tailored solutions. This partnership is part of our effort to establish and increase the footprint we have in Latin America, and we’re excited to collaborate with Fast Cloud Consulting, one of our first 25 partners in the region.”

About Fast Cloud Consulting 

Fast Cloud Consulting is a global consulting company specialized in redesigning business processes, bringing profitable, innovative and scalable solutions. From startups to leading companies in their segments, Fast Cloud has the experience to help businesses achieve the success they seek. To learn more, visit or contact Fast Cloud at

About is a customizable Work OS where teams create and shape workflows to plan, run, and track their processes, projects, and operations. As a web-based SaaS platform, facilitates a more efficient and intuitive way to manage teams and organizations of all sizes. The platform connects people to processes and systems, empowering teams to excel in every aspect of their work, while creating an environment of transparency in business. has offices in Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, Miami, London and Sydney and has raised $234.1 million to date from investors including Sapphire Ventures, Hamilton Lane, HarbourVest Partners, Ion Asset Management, Vintage Investment Partners, Stripes Group, Insight Partners, and Entrée Capital. The platform is fully customizable to suit any business vertical, and is currently used by over 115,000 paying teams around the world, from over 180 countries.

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