Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (ADM-211)               

Preparing for your Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Certification CRT-160

PDI-101: Predictive Intelligence 

101: Getting Started

MCC-102: Execute & Automate Marketing Cloud Emails in the Sales & Service Clouds

MBC101: Mobile Messages 101/102: Getting Started

JB-101- Journey Builder 101

EEB-101: Email Essentials (EEB-101-INT)

Content Builder Essentials for the Digital Marketer (EML-101)

Working with Data and Dashboards in Wave Analytics (ANC-301-INT)

Mobile and Desktop Exploration in Wave Analytics (ANC-101)

Building Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps in Wave Analytics (ANC-201)

Get Started with Communities (ADM-271)

Certification Preparation for Community Cloud Consultants (CRT-271)

Service Cloud Essentials for Managers (SVC-201)

Service Cloud Essentials for Executives (SVC-301)

Service Cloud Essentials for Agents (SVC-101)

Service Cloud Administration (ADM-261)

Preparing for Your Service Cloud Consultant Certification CRT-261

Programmatic Development Using Apex and Visualforce (DEV-450)

Lightning Components Implementation for Platform Developers (DEV-460)

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Code (ADM-231)

Integrating with (DEV-502)

Declarative Development for Platform App Builders (DEV-402)

Customizing Salesforce1 with Clicks (ADM-214)

Certification Preparation for Platform Developer I (CRT-450)

Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder (CRT-402)

Building Lightning Components and Applications (DEV-601)

Sales Cloud Training for Sales Reps Using Lightning (SLX-101)

Sales Cloud Training for Sales Reps (SLS-101)

Sales Cloud Training for Sales Managers in Lightning Experience (SLX-201)

Sales Cloud Training for Sales Managers (SLS-201)

Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM-201)

Sales Cloud Administration (ADM-251)

Reporting Fundamentals (RPT-101

Preparing for Your Sales Cloud Consultant Certification (CRT-251)

Preparing for Your Administrator Certification (CRT-101)

Implementing a Reporting Strategy for the Sales Cloud (STR-301)

Get Started with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPO-101)

Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator (CRT-211)

Administration Essentials for Professional Edition (ADM-202)

Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM-201C)