Joint Press Release
Fast Cloud Consulting: “Thrilled to Cooperate with Welisa”

Publish 10 July, 2020

In the USA and South America Welisa works with a brand-new partner, Fast Cloud Consulting. This innovation driven company is a Salesforce Gold Partner, who received the Salesforce Innovations Award 2020 for Emerging Markets. From now on, Fast Cloud will do the integration and deployment of Welisa Commerce for clients over the ocean.

Rogelio Martinez, CEO of Fast Cloud, is thrilled to partner with Welisa. “Our clients need to connect their supply chain and business processes with their B2B clients. With Salesforce, companies have a great way to manage their sales, service and marketing processes. Welisa brings to the table a cost-effective manner to close the gap between e-Commerce and other enterprise solutions, building a true 360 view of the customer.

Long-term Relationship

Salesforce Gold Partner Fast Cloud has a broad variety of customers, concentrated in automotive, retail, medical supplies and equipment, real estate, travel and leisure and telecommunications. An important service is Fast Cloud’s franchise solution called FranFast, also built on the Salesforce platform. This is a very enriching partnership because both companies understand each other from a cultural, innovative and long term vision perspective.

Great Customer Focus

Welisa’s CEO Henk van Middendorp is confidently looking forward to the cooperation. “Fast Cloud accelerates the business of their customers through digital transformation. Welisa makes companies smarter and better. The Salesforce Innovation award shows Fast Cloud is willing to invest, grow and capitalize on new market opportunities. Together we stand for development and great customer focus. Let’s do great things together.

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