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Working with Data and Dashboards in Wave Analytics (ANC-301-INT)



3-Day Analytics Cloud Implementation Course

Master the fundamentals and practical aspects of implementing Salesforce Analytics Cloud in this comprehensive 3-day training course.

Gain hands-on experience and learn how to:

  • Design and build dashboards that effectively visualize and communicate business insights
  • Create and deploy data models to transform raw data into actionable information
  • Configure and manage Analytics Cloud security to protect sensitive data
  • Integrate Analytics Cloud with other Salesforce applications for a unified data experience
  • Utilize Analytics Cloud Einstein Analytics for advanced data exploration and predictive insights


  • ANC-101: Salesforce Analytics Cloud Fundamentals
  • ANC-201: Salesforce Analytics Cloud Administration

Empower your organization to harness the power of data and make informed business decisions with this in-depth Analytics Cloud implementation training.