Salesforce prepares for web 3.0 with new cloud Pilot NFT Cloud

Publish 14 July, 2022

As a company with a foundation of sustainability, Salesforce prepares to easily and simply mint and sell NFT Not Fungible Tokens with the NFT Cloud. The giant is responsible for marketing the world’s #1 CRM and is gearing up to provide a bridge between digital and face-to-face so it can deliver new experiences to its customers and build new communities in unique ways with integrated data.

Some of its potential benefits are:

  1. Mint NFT using your CRM and trading on the trading site.
  2. Implementation of audited smart contracts supported by a trusted platform.
  3. Reduced Emissions – Due to its sustainability-focused design, the NFT Cloud is not compatible with energy-wasting blockchains, resulting in 99% lower emissions.

Minting and selling through the NFT cloud will allow its clients to launch their brands in the Digital World, and link community data with Wallets and developments in a secure and sustainable platform.

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