The Fast Cloud – Rotary Golf Tournament contributes to the purchase of 80 computers for students of “Escuela 15 de Agosto” in Tirrases, Costa Rica

Publish 18 February, 2021

On January 23rd 2021, the San Pedro-Curridabat Rotary Club teamed up with Fast Cloud Consulting (an official Salesforce partner) to organize the Fast Cloud-Rotary Golf Tournament 2021.

This tournament was held with the mission of supporting a computer equipment purchase project for “Escuela 15 de Agosto” in Tirrases, Costa Rica. Due to the pandemic, a large number of children in this marginalized community do not have the resources to continue with their classes, further increasing the risk of dropping out of school. This is why, together with the Rotary Club of San Pedro Curridabat and the Rotary Club Barcelona – Diagonal, Spain, we decided to support them with concrete short-term actions and give these children the opportunity to continue on a path of life with better possibilities.

The funds collected in this tournament will contribute to the acquisition of 80 computers so that these children can continue with their studies. 

“For Rotary San Pedro Curridabat it is very important to always support our community, and in this case, the “Escuela 15 de Agosto” in Tirrases. We are aware that the pandemic crisis has brought very serious consequences to our health, our economy and our education. That is why we want to provide more than 80 computers to young students who currently do not have access to buy a computer and therefore cannot be educated. We have created innovations such as this first golf tournament, which we developed in record time with more than 54 players and companies that are friends with our club. We are very grateful to these friendly companies that have always opened their doors to our developments”. – Marco Antonio Villeda, President of the Rotary Club San Pedro Curridabat.

“At Fast Cloud Consulting we believe that, as entrepreneurs and business leaders, we have a responsibility to our society and we must take action.” – Rogelio Martinez, CEO, Fast Cloud.

Recently, Fast Cloud became the First Corporate Member of the Rotary movement in Costa Rica and possibly in all of Central America, according to the club’s report. 

We want to give a special thanks to all the participants of the event. Because of them, the event was an enjoyable, successful tournament, and it was possible to raise funds for a noble cause. 

We also want to thank our sponsors who, with an excellent disposition, joined this cause through their donations and sponsorships. These companies were: : Intaco,  Ópticas MünkelIngeniososExpand LATAMUrbanizadora La LagunaTutor DoctorMotores Británicos (Morris Garages)Mog SelectionsTecnoliteHotel Laguna del Lagarto Eco LodgeClínica Santa MónicaMediSmartLos Reyes Country ClubClub de Golf Cariari, Artista Isidro Con Wong, ReposaLa Divina ComidaRestaurante SaporeCuido Bonafide and Hotel Azura.

And of course a special thank you to the entire Fast Cloud team and the Monterán Golf Course for their efforts and organization.

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