The most admired businessman shared with our CEO Rogelio Martinez his vision of Central America

Publish 14 November, 2022

Francis Durman, the most admired businessman in the region, shared an intimate breakfast with a select group of businessmen from the region, members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), in which he explained his vision of Central America and how to continue growing as an entrepreneur.

Durman, president of Grupo Montecristo and stands out for his important career and passion for seeing the region grow. “The resilience of Montecristo founders, leaders and collaborators in the face of adversity was key to sustaining the onslaught of the 2020 and 2021 public health crisis.” Durman commented in an interview with Strategy and Business last August.

“We like to generate wealth, we like to create jobs, we like to grow and take opportunities that occur in life and at different times. Since I can remember and originally with my father we have always been a rather restless group”. From the business point of view Durman maintains that the identity of businesses is essential for transcendence: “it is the most valuable asset we have. We are always careful.”

The Durman name is synonymous with reliability in Business. “Money and business come and go, but the name always remains. For us, the protection of our surname, of our family, is something that we value and that we take care of as the greatest treasure.”

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