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Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

Publish 7 June, 2019

Technology is deeply transforming our lives. With the aggregated effect of artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and other emerging disruptive inventions, we are on the verge of a technological revolution that will alter the way we live and work on a fundamentally different scale.

What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

It is a way of describing a wave of on-going transformation occurring in our economy, society and way of life.

It is a more intelligent and connected world that is being built around us at this precise moment.

According to Dr. Klaus Schwab, it began early this century and was based on the digital revolution, characterized by a much more mobile and global Internet, by smaller and more powerful sensors, and by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Why is this time different than before?

The World Economic Forum establishes three differentiating factors:

  1. Speed ​​- the world is more connected, and this revolution is transforming everything at a much faster pace than the other three previous revolutions.
  2. Reach – according to Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, we are witnessing new ways of living. In subtle and explicit ways, technology is changing what it means to be human.
  3. Impact on interconnected systems – there is a fundamental transformation in our societies and political systems.

How does it impact me?

It’s about the customers and their expectations. Today’s customers expect getting answers immediately, anytime, anywhere and through any device. Whether it is social networks, email, chat or phone, they want personalized and instant customer service.

In order to meet these high expectations, technology evolved with innovation and tools never seen before.  Artificial Intelligence is just one example.

Data, data and more data

One of the consequences of the digital revolution is that we are producing data exponentially.

Companies need to migrate from a transactional model to a relationship model, built around services and experiences, instead of products.

As Rogelio Martinez, CEO of Fast Cloud, puts it, “companies that are willing to ride this revolution today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Companies that wait and see today will be the Xerox or Blockbusters of the future”.

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