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Customizing Salesforce1 with Clicks (ADM-214)



Empower Your Salesforce1 Expertise with Click-Based Customization

In this hands-on course, Salesforce administrators and app builders will gain the skills to customize the Salesforce1 mobile app using click-based tools, empowering them to deliver a personalized and user-friendly experience for their mobile workforce.

Key takeaways include:

  • Mastering click-based customization techniques to personalize Salesforce1 without writing code
  • Leveraging the Salesforce1 App Builder to create custom layouts, actions, and navigation
  • Optimizing Salesforce1 for specific business needs and user preferences
  • Enhancing user adoption and productivity with a tailored mobile experience

Target Audience:

  1. Salesforce administrators seeking to expand their skillset and customize Salesforce1 for their users
  2. Salesforce app builders looking to enhance their mobile app development capabilities
  3. Individuals interested in exploring the power of Salesforce1 customization

This course is designed for participants to use their mobile devices to fully engage in learning activities.

Empower yourself to become a Salesforce1 customization expert and deliver a transformative mobile experience for your users.