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Lightning Components Implementation for Platform Developers (DEV-460)



Empower Your Apex Programming Skills with Lightning Component Framework: Develop Responsive Single-Page Applications

In this comprehensive training course, experienced Apex programmers will gain hands-on experience in building responsive single-page applications using the Lightning Component Framework.

Key takeaways include:

  • Mastering the fundamentals of Lightning Component Framework to create modern, interactive user interfaces
  • Developing responsive components that seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring optimal user experience across mobile and desktop devices
  • Leveraging Salesforce-style components that adhere to the platform’s design guidelines and integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Accessing, displaying, and manipulating data securely within your Salesforce organization
  • Utilizing standard and custom events to enhance application interactivity and user engagement
  • Employing best practices for reusable and maintainable code including nested components and JavaScript helper functions

Target Audience:

  1. Experienced Apex programmers seeking to expand their skill set in developing responsive single-page applications with
  2. Lightning Component Framework


  • Solid understanding of Salesforce fundamentals
  • At least one year of experience programming in Java (or another object-oriented programming language)
  • Basic understanding of relational data modeling
  • Ability to write basic SQL
  • Ability to write basic HTML
  • Understanding of JavaScript concepts and terminology

Empower yourself to become a Lightning Component Framework expert and create cutting-edge, responsive applications that revolutionize the user experience on Salesforce.