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Preparing for Your Administrator Certification (CRT-101)



Elevate Your Career to the Next Level: Become a Certified Administrator

Master Salesforce Administration and Ace the Certification Exam

Are you ready to take the next step in your Salesforce career by becoming a certified Administrator? This comprehensive training course, designed for experienced Salesforce administrators, provides you with the knowledge and skills to confidently ace the Administrator Certification exam.

Course Highlights:

  • Sharpen Your Problem-Solving Skills: Engage in real-world business scenarios that reinforce your ability to tackle complex Salesforce administration challenges.
  • Deepen Your Understanding of Key Exam Topics: Thoroughly review and apply the essential concepts covered in the Administrator Certification exam.
  • Practice and Prepare for the Exam: Complete hands-on practice questions to assess your readiness and refine your exam-taking strategies.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for experienced Salesforce administrators who have a solid understanding of Salesforce administration and are preparing to take the Administrator Certification exam.


  • Salesforce Administration Experience: Demonstrate at least six months of hands-on experience managing Salesforce.
  • Prior Training or Experience: Complete the “Administration Basics for New Administrators” course or possess equivalent experience.
  • Exam Topic Familiarity: Review the key concepts outlined in the Administrator Certification Study Guide.

Post-Course Actions:

Obtain Your Certification Exam Voucher: Upon completing the course, open a case at to receive your certification exam voucher.