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Sales Cloud Training for Sales Reps Using Lightning (SLX-101)



Sales Cloud Training for Sales Reps: Get Up to Speed with Salesforce Essentials

This essential training course is designed for sales representatives who are new to Salesforce Sales Cloud and need to quickly get up to speed with their productivity tools.

Key takeaways include:

  • Mastering the fundamentals of Salesforce Sales Cloud and its core functionalities
  • Leveraging Sales Cloud to manage leads, accounts, and opportunities effectively
  • Streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity with Salesforce’s powerful tools
  • Communicating effectively with customers using Salesforce’s communication channels
  • Generating insightful reports to track progress and make informed decisions

Target Audience:

  • Sales representatives new to Salesforce Sales Cloud seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform
  • Individuals looking to enhance their Salesforce skills and become more productive in their sales roles
  • Sales teams seeking to standardize their sales processes and improve overall efficiency


  1. Basic understanding of sales concepts and processes
  2. Familiarity with computers and the internet

Recommended Pre-Course Preparation:

Complete the online eLearning course: Getting Started with Sales Cloud available through Salesforce Help & Training

Empower yourself with Salesforce Sales Cloud and become a more effective and productive sales representative.