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Service Cloud Administration (ADM-261)



Master the Art of Service Cloud Administration: Empowering Your Organization for Customer Success

In this comprehensive training course, administrators will gain the skills and knowledge to effectively configure, manage, and maintain Salesforce Service Cloud, enabling their organizations to deliver exceptional customer service experiences.

Key takeaways include:

  • Establishing Salesforce Knowledge to create a centralized repository of self-service resources for customers
  • Implementing Service Contracts with milestones and entitlements to streamline contract management
  • Grasping CTI Integration Fundamentals to connect phone systems with Salesforce for seamless case handling
  • Integrating Salesforce Live Agent to empower agents with real-time chat support capabilities
  • Setting Up a Customer Community to foster engagement and collaboration with customers
  • Enhancing Agent Experience with Case News and the Salesforce Console for Service

Target Audience:

  1. Service Cloud Administrators with at least six months of Salesforce experience
  2. Administrators who have completed the “Administration Basics for New Administrators” course

Empower your organization to achieve customer satisfaction excellence with a well-equipped team of Service Cloud Administrators.