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Service Cloud Essentials for Managers (SVC-201)



Empower Your Support Teams with Salesforce Service Cloud: A Comprehensive Training for Support Managers

In this interactive course, support managers will gain hands-on experience in establishing and maintaining Salesforce Service Cloud solutions to streamline customer support operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key takeaways include:

  • Overseeing Service Cloud implementation to foster collaboration between agents and customers
  • Enabling self-service capabilities to empower customers to resolve issues independently and reduce support workload
  • Implementing case deflection strategies to minimize case creation and improve overall support efficiency
  • Managing multi-channel case intake to effectively handle incoming cases from various channels
  • Optimizing case management and workflow automation to streamline support processes and improve resolution times
  • Leveraging analytics and reporting to gain insights into support performance and identify areas for improvement

Target Audience:

  • Support managers who directly or indirectly manage support teams
  • Individuals seeking to advance their careers in customer support


  1. No prior Salesforce knowledge is required.
  2. However, it is strongly recommended that all participants complete the online e-learning course “Getting Started with Service Cloud” which is available through Salesforce Help and Training.

Empower your support teams to deliver exceptional customer service, drive efficiency, and achieve customer satisfaction goals with Salesforce Service Cloud.