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Service Cloud Essentials for Agents (SVC-101)



Empower Your Support Agents with Salesforce Service Cloud: A Comprehensive Training

In this interactive course, support agents will gain hands-on experience in using Salesforce Service Cloud to streamline their daily tasks, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Key takeaways include:

  • Fostering knowledge sharing between agents and customers to resolve issues efficiently
  • Deflecting cases by creating self-service resources for customers, such as knowledge base articles
  • Receiving cases through a variety of channels, including CTI and social media
  • Leveraging the web-based console designed specifically for support agents to manage and resolve cases effectively

Target Audience:

Support agents who handle customer inquiries and resolve issues


  1. No prior Salesforce knowledge is required.
  2. However, it is strongly recommended that all participants complete the online e-learning course “Getting Started with Service Cloud” which is available through Salesforce Help and Training.

Empower your support agents to become customer service champions with Salesforce Service Cloud.